There’s a starchy smell to the blankets in the hotel we’re in, and there’s a car alarm that sounds off every half hour outside; aside from that, we are glad to be out of the arid Reno, NV sun.  We’ve landed here after another free day of driving, and we’re excited to play our next show in San Francisco tomorrow.  I’m once again reminded of how depressing Nevada can be.  In every gas station, there’s a solitary person staring at the slots and winning only half of the money that they put in.  Then you step out into the dry and beating sun and wonder how anything grows out here.   Only the grizzled plants grow through the brittle ground here.  We ate at a diner in Battle Mountain.  The diner was connected to a casino where I would eat my club sandwich to the symphony of glitches and beeps in the room next door.  When I walked through, frayed hair and spilled beer erupted into vision and I was caught off guard when someone slammed their fist on a slot machine screen.  A high point of the walk through was seeing a slot called “Wolf Attack”.  We drove on.  We’re now three hours away from the San Francisco: The east coast city on the west coast.

Last night we stayed with our friend Melissa who recently moved to Salt Lake City from Portland to attend violin making school.  We talked about metal and our love for it.  She presented her record collected of so much amazing metal that it would make many a doe cry.  We ate where she worked, at what ended up being the best vegan diner I’ve ever been to (The Vertical Diner).  We ate vegan comfort food and I’m now a believer in the prowess of the unmeat.  We woke to a bright blue day and confusing directions on how to get out of town.  Now we’re here…In Reno, NV…Listening to the car alarm going off…again.

9/1/2012 06:04:23 pm

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