I'm writing this in yet another coffee shop in Salt Lake City, UT.  These beacons of coffee establishments seem to be landmarks and milemarkers on our travels.  When we're at a coffee shop, it usually means we have some time to breathe for a second and catch up with the rest of our lives and let people back home know that we still exist.  This coffee shop is unique to the others that we've been to since it is one of the few coffee shops that you can go to in this city, let alone Utah in general.  I'm here to get my fix for my cursed addiction to the black and brewed bean.  I've been here a couple of times in passing, and once went to the Gilgal Gardens enamored with how strange it was.  Now we're here again on a whim during our free day.  Now I will catch you up the past couple of shows...
Pueblo, CO served to be an exciting treat for us.  I had never been there before.  Growing up in Colorado, I realized that I never really went south of Denver (except for that time I lived in Durango, CO for five awkward middle and high school years, ahem).  We played with our friends in the Ghost of Mike Clark again, which has members of the wonderful group The Haunted Windchimes.  We spent most of the day hanging out with the extremely gracious and hospitable people in the band at their house and swimming in the nearby river.  We finally got used to the heat that hung in the air during the time we were in Colorado.  We ate homemade tostadas with guacamole and salsa - can't beat that!  (Sorry Portland, but your Mexican food sucks).  We were expecting a quiet night on a Monday night in Pueblo, but we were met with much more than that.  We were greeted by a room full of excited and engaged audience.  Each band played even better than the night before and the crowd was foot stomping and spinning along.  It was definitely not your typical Monday night crowd, but was an amazing surprise for us.  We made some new friends this trip, but some of the most accommodating people were in Pueblo, I highly recommend for others to play there sometime. 

We drove to Provo, UT the next day and played at Muse Music in downtown Provo.  It's a really cool all-ages venue that has a coffee shop in front and spacious venue in the back.  This was our third time in six month playing there and it's always a treat to play there.  The town rests in the mountain range and on each side of University Street (a main drag), there's luminous and over-arching mountain views that are awe-inspiring.  We have a tradition (much like stopping at Little America in Wyoming) where we eat at Gandolfo's Subs - it's incredible there!  We watched A Few Good Men and were entranced by Tom Cruise's performance and realizing he was creepy even in the beginning of his career.  The show went well with eager attendants and friendly banter.  We stayed with our friends in The Moth & The Flame who have become my new favorite band.  There's a ton of talent in Provo and it's equaled by it's creativity and charm.  We just drove up to Salt Lake City and it's nice to be surrounded by mountains for a bit.  I love being on the road, but it's also comforting to know that we're on our return trip back home.
Our next show is in one of my favorite cities in the world: SAN FRANCISCO!  We're playing at The Amnesia, a place that I've heard is a real hoot!  We'll be playing on Friday, the 29th.  We'll be playing with some great bands and it should call for a lively evening.  See you there and keep sending those emails!

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