This isn't really a tour entry, but I thought I would write a note for the sake of reaching out, and it's been a while anyways.  I'm at my second home at Palio's coffee house, I work here from time to time.  We've been back home and away from the road for a good spell and we're excited to announce that we have a great schedule coming up.  As the rain is becoming more permanent in our days and the days are becoming shorter, we've been writing a great deal on our next album that we'll be releasing next year.  I'm so happy with how everything has been coming along.  We've now been working with the talented Tim Grimes on electric guitar - if you want, please say hello to the bearded gentleman hiding in the back of the stage.  We've also been working more consistently with Paul Seely, who is adding drums into the mix.  The songs are coming into form and we're pleased with the form they have taken.  The new album will probably be released next March, but you'll probably be hearing some new songs at some of our upcoming shows.

We're excited to announce that we'll be playing with Jesse Sykes and the Sweet Hereafter in Washington for a couple of dates at the end of this month and into the next.  If you live in Kennewick, WA - come out to the Red Room on July 30th!  If you live in Pullman, WA - come out to The Belltower on October 1st!  It'll be our first time playing in these places and it would be great to meet some new people!  On the horizon is also bringing some shows with our friends in Big Sir, who will be coming up from Los Angeles.  Look at our SHOWS section for more details.
On on the immediate horizon, we're playing a benefit show    (The Kevin Nimick Ball) at The Woods on 9/22.  We'll be playing with amazing local bands including: Y La Bamba, Ezza Rose, and Vikesh Kapoor.

Thanks so much to everyone who has come out to our shows on the road, and we're happy to be playing some local shows coming up - it's been a while!