We're at the Bean Cycle Coffee Shop at one of our homes away from homes on tour in Fort Collins, CO.  We're reeling after another long stretch through the wispy landscape of Utah and Wyoming, and it's nice to be grounded.  One of the best parts of tour is sitting in stillness while in motion (at least that's how it goes for the passenger).  There's something about the big skies of the midwest that lend time for reflection that there's rarely a space for in our daily routines.  Wyoming always holds that space for stillness.  There's not much to hold as landmarks in such open states, so in some ways, you create your own along the way.
We got into Fort Collins around 8:00 in the evening and are now staying at a large house by open space with horses grazing evoking postcard imagery.  Paul Seely is heading here as we speak from Denver after flying in. We're really excited to share this stretch of the road with Paul.  There's something great about meeting up with people in different contexts and physical spaces, it helps make people more dynamic and rounded.  Today, we are going to explore more of Fort Collins and try some of the local beers that this fair town has to offer.  Then back to practicing.  We're playing our first show of tour here tonight at Everyday Joe's (if you live in the area, click HERE for tickets) with the talented Danielle Anderson of Danielle Ate the Sandwich and Victor & Penny.  It should be a good time.  We always like playing in Fort Collins, it has this mountain town pleasantry and relaxed quality.  It's a small college town, where everyone will tell you about the most recent TV on the Radio album and in the same breath, tell you about the newest climbing harness.  These Colorado towns make me miss elements of growing up in this state, but it's really nice to just pass through sometimes. Not much more to take note of - Cat Power is playing overhead and I think I'll continue the rest of the day.  I hope to see some of you at the show tonight!

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