So this is our third time out and I have been absolutely terrible at keeping a blog of our travels.   I'm writing this from (the fabulous) Trementon, UT in the apparently the only hotel room vacant for miles.  I asked the woman at the counter why there were so many people in this area and she had no idea, she said  "People come and go with the breeze, I dunno".  We had to sleep in a smoking room, and maybe it's the yellow-tinted curtains that have peaked and interested to start writing.  We're on our way to Fort Collins, CO to play our first show of our quick jaunt through the west (and technically the midwest, although most Denverites hate to admit that they're in the midwest).  It's just Jessie and I heading out for this tour.  This is a familiar route and road, but there's always something different to see out the window each time.  The tree farm on I-84 is a landmark, where you can see hallways through the perfect rows.  The trees jab into view in the high desert of eastern Oregon and we see that the ones that were planted months ago have grown into teenagers.  The diners are usually the same, but the local families eating at them are different.  We observed a birthday at the Trucker's Diner in Wembley, ID.  Everyone toasted over cake and a stale salad bar.  One thing about heading east, is that the sky is immediately bigger and the clouds have gotten bored of hovering and blue  skies take their place.  [The cleaning lady just barged into the room, apologized]. 

We've been listening to Blood Meridian by Cormac Mccarthy.  If any  of you know of his other works, this one is no exception.  It's beautifully desolate, and the writing punches you in the stomach and delicately explains why.  It's an amazing soundtrack to the plains and the high desert, blaring and indelible.  We have another full driving day and then we're in Colorado.  We're extremely excited about this tour since we'll be playing a couple of festival shows and retracing some of our favorite places that we've played, and seeing friends we don't get to see very often.
Our first one on the list: Everyday Joe's (click on the poster for their website) this Thursday.   We'll be playing with the talented Danielle Anderson of Danielle Ate The Sandwich.  It's in a really cool spacious and nonprofit space.  We are also delighted to have our good friend Paul Seely playing drums with us for our Colorado shows, he's flying in and out like a soaring eagle gracing us with his skills.  [The cleaning lady just barged into the room again, apologized].  Even though it's before 10:00, I'm taking subtle hints that we need to head out.   

We would love to see you at these shows and please send us friendly/spiteful/ennui-ridden/loving words to or say them in person at any of the shows. 


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